Best Tool To Spy On Competitor’s Facebook Ads: Turn Data Into Ideas

Best Tool To Spy On Competitor's Facebook Ads

Set up a new business or are into affiliate marketing? You would want to know all about your competitor’s Facebook ad. Ever wondered what is it that your competitors know and do that you don’t? Wouldn’t you love to see what your competitors are up to in the field of advertising? Even better, knowing about Facebook and other social media ads they are currently using to lure customers comes in handy to make your marketing strategy.

With the knowledge about competitor’s Facebook ads, you can learn a lot to improve your advertising campaigns and kickstart your business. Spying on the ads your competitors are running is healthy competitor research.

Using Facebook marketing strategy you can learn the marketing and ad strategy your competitors are using to promote their business, keeps fans engaged, and win over your market share.

The best part is that most of these behind-the-scenes strategies can help you discover creative ideas for your next Facebook ad campaign. But how to spy on competitor’s Facebook ads? What are the best Facebook ad spy tools?

Let’s delve in to know all about spying FB ads, the tools, and strategies you need to master to boost your sales and services.

Understanding Facebook Ads

Facebook is a social network having 2 billion active users already, which means there is a lot of scopes to advertise on Facebook. Whether a good ad can captivate customers and achieve their expected effect or not depends on various attributes. They are:

  • Advertising location selection
  • Advertising target selection
  • The form of advertising
  • Data tracking and analysis of advertising effectiveness
  • Advertising crowd positioning
  • The advertising bidding model
  • Copy ad material

Analyzing these aspects from the competitor’s point of view can help you create ads to hook in and target audiences effectively.

Introduction Facebook’s Info And Ads Option

In 2018, the most popular social media app, Facebook, introduced a new feature to Pages called the ‘Info and Ads.’


Over the past years, Facebook was criticized on issues like privacy, election interference, censorship, tracking, etc. Thus, this tool was created to increase the page transparency of the social media portal. The tool was specifically devised to show users the active ads that various brands and businesses are running in and across different countries.

This puts you at an advantage, now you can sneak on your competitors with a click. All you need to do is visit the business page of your competition and get started.

Now, you can spy on competitors with a click of a button. There’s no faster (and completely free) way to find out what makes their Facebook ads work. Just visit your competitor’s page to get started.

Tools To Spy On Competitors Facebook Ads

Let’s jump into the best free and paid tools to spy your competitor’s Facebook Ads.

1. Facebook AD Library

Facebook AD Library Tools To Spy On Competitors Facebook Ads

The best free ad spy tool is Facebook itself. How to spy on competitor’s Facebook ads using Facebook?

In 2019, Facebook introduced the Facebook ad library as an advertising tool to keep a tab on all running ads.

This is a fantastic tool for people who can’t afford premium Facebook ad spying tools. The Facebook ad library has the biggest database of advertisements. You can search your competitor ads by looking up for an advertiser’s name.

Click on View Details, to view the creative, headlines, advertisement copy, etc. of that running ad. This ad library supports here search option at one go. You can look up nearly 180 countries, display time, and ad position with the filtering method.


  • Great entry point for start-up businesses to spy on competitors
  • You can use geographical filters to check ad positions and location
  • Helps you identify hooks and CTAs the advertiser is using


  • Shows only actively running ads

Price: Free

2. AdEspresso

It is a premium and reliable tool spy on your competitor’s ads all from the same place. You can create and manage your ad campaigns with AdExpresso.

The tool comes with many useful features to help marketers promote and manage their ads. In this post, we focus on its ad gallery, the AdExpresso Ad Gallery.

This is a free archive of ads curated from different niches that show you how situations affect their campaigning. The tool is broken down into different sections to give insights about the ad and why it is a plus for the advertiser.

AdEspresso looks for all running ads on Facebook and manually incorporates them in their database.


  • Great place to take inspiration for your ad campaign
  • You can filter all ads by industry, attribute, placement, and objective
  • You can see what ad is trending in your niche
  • Shows you the engagement for all Facebook ads


  • You must disable AdBlock to view the ads

Price: Free

3. SEMrush

Uncover the comprehensive solution to your social media marketing needs. SEMrush is an ad spy tool with a difference, you can delve into the paid strategies of your competition and plan your own effective and targeted ad campaign.

It is one of the seasoned tools for new affiliates who are in search of ways to boost their traffic and conversations. It highlights the keywords and top-ranking ads of the rivals driving all social media traffic.


  • Analyze competitor ad budget and keywords
  • Check live ads and monitor ad copy of the competitor’s Facebook ads
  • Amplify your own Google Ads campaign with strong data


  • No search filter to target affiliate networks
  • Paid spy tool

Price: $99.95 per month

4. BigSpy

BigSpy review

BigSpy is the best competitive intelligence research tool if you are working on a tight budget. It has more than half a million users. With its excellent search and filtering abilities, BigSpy can become your best bid.

The tool can rank all searched advertisements with five methods like First seen, Last seen, Like, Share, and Comment. BigSpy can also track effective ad campaigns of your competitors, download their advertising creatives, and target their ad audience.

In addition to Facebook, BigSpy tool monitors ads on other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, AdMob, Pinterest, Twitter, and Yahoo.


  • Favorite the advertiser to know about new updates in their ad campaigns
  • Good filter and search features for new affiliates


  • More audience and targeting statistics required

Price: Free

5. PowerAdSpy

How to spy on competitor’s Facebook ads using PowerAdSpy? All you have to do is use the tool to filter the ads you’re looking for and finds about its placement, copy ads, and creative.

This will help you craft your ad campaign targeting the audience. This is the best way to promote your own business while you discover rival products and what’s working best for your competitors.

PowerAdSpy gives you the breakdown of the ads along with its social engagement status, landing page URL, last seen, and targeting options. This tool lets you spy on other platforms like Instagram, Google Ads, Google Display, Quora, Reddit, YouTube, and Native Ads.


  • Extremely useful search and filter function
  • You can visit live Facebook ad from PowerAdSpy’s dashboard
  • Call-to-action filter helps to find and analyze sales funnels


  • The basic version has limited features
  • Requires a browser extension to be used

Price: $49 per month for the basic version

6. Adspy

Adspy is a powerful intelligence tool for spying competitor Facebook adscampaign in your niche. Aspy is a powerhouse of over 80 million ads from 13 million advertizers across 198 countries.

Wow! Adspy analyses each ad in detail and compares the advertising elements, time, target audience, and more. With more than 10 advanced filtering features, Adspy supports a variety of query methods such as creative ideas, call to action, advertising keywords, and time of ad running on social media.

The tool lets you search through reviews – positive and negative feedback from consumers.


  • Allows you to search via an affiliate network or affiliate ID
  • You can search for ads by reviewing positive and negative comments
  • You can access the powerhouse of ad data


  • Adspy can help you spy on Facebook and Instagram, not other social media platforms

Price: $149 per month

7. AdPlexity

Adplexity is regarded as one of the best Facebook Spy tools in the market. This tool specializes in researching competitor’s Facebook ad campaigns. Wondering how to spy on competitor’s Facebook ads using this efficient search tool? It is simple indeed.

Adplexity is the best tool for marketers to sneak into competitor ad campaigns into 4 major domains – Desktop, Mobile, eCommerce, Carriers, Native, and Push Ads.

Adplexity is a one-in-all tool for multiple traffic sources and has many advanced built-in features to boost your campaign goals. You can download the competitor’s landing page in a click.


  • Ability to spy on 100,000+ stores and 70M+ products
  • Has a large database of creatives covering all traffic sources
  • Enables associates in their area of expertise to create unique ad campaigns in no time


  • No free version to the software is available
  • Doesn’t show you Facebook Ads from affiliates


  • $149 per month for Push ads and carriers
  • $199 per month for mobile, desktop, and eCommerce needs
  • $249 per month for Native Facebook ads

8. AdSector


Yet another strong Facebook ads spy tool – AdSector. With this tool, you can tap into the world of digital ad database featuring millions of campaigns.

This cluster of ads will not come handy until you know what you are looking for. AdSector has advanced search mechanisms to give you the best results. It allows you to filter and sort ads by age, gender, country, position, affiliate network, and tracking system.

Other fabulous features on the tool are the ability to download competitors’ landing pages, detailed analytics on each creative, and audience targeting. Lastly, their eCommerce program makes your dropshipping very convenient.


  • Allows to filter by interest and search page content
  • Uncovers eCommerce platforms and sales funnels
  • Large database of ad campaigns for affiliate marketing


  • Most expensive ad spy tool on the list

Price: $249 per month

9. MagicAdz

The relatively new Facebook spy ad tool, MagicAdz has been making waves in the marketing industry recently. MagicAdz is capable of finding uncloaked, cloaked, and suspected cloaked ads with a single click.

This feature enables you to create effective and engaging ads, by drawing insights from competitor ad campaigns. It can find ad info and performance statistics. Sort ads by last seen, first seen, newly scanned, most liked, most shared, and most commented. You can get individual and enterprise plans for custom spying solutions.


  • Uncovers affiliate cloaking ad campaigns
  • Works in any niche, perfect for marketers working on multiple projects at a time
  • Can sort ads by comments and engagement


  • Doesn’t include other social media platforms and traffic sources (but this article is on FB ads so doesn’t count really)

Price: $99 per month

10. SocialAdScout

You are going to marvel at the various ad targeting options this tool offers. You’ll find a ton of filters, plus detailed targeting options and live creatives that allow you to interact within search result pages.

SocialAdScout includes both mobile and desktop ads to make the spying experience convenient and fruitful. You will get real-time updates in different ad formats that you have ever imagined.

You can spy on affiliate campaigns with its ability to search by redirects. There is a landing page download tool, making it easy to compare the top competitors on the list.


  • Detailed view on the segmentation and targeting options of competitors
  • Provides a breakdown of demographics and audience targeting


  • No search filter to target affiliate networks

Price: $147 per month

9 Ways To Gain Strategic Insights From Your Competitor’s Ads

Spying on your competitor’s ads helps you glean some inspiration and insights for your advertising campaigns. Identifying the successful ad strategies of established competitors can help fast-track your way and cut out the lengthy process of trial and error.

Well, by identifying the successful tactics your more established competitors are using, you can fast-track your way past a lengthy process of trial and error. Thanks to the Facebook ad spy tools that enable us to see detailed information about the ad and use their insight for your benefit.

Here are nine things to assess when spying on your competitor’s ads.

Step 1: Determine The Advertising Channels

The ad spy tools can review ad content across various social networks including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. Choose one platform (in this case FB), search keywords to pull up ads from the database.

Step 2: Check Out Your Competitor’s Ads

Filter your competitor’s ads using different search options like brand, style of advertising, ad copy, best creatives, document material, affiliate network, and so on.

You can also view ads depending on their location, time, comments, feedback, likes, and shares on FB. Analyze how many users pay attention to brand information.

Step 3: Advertising Time

People’s focus change with time and situation. Try searching for ads at any given time in your niche and explore the world of possibilities.

Step 4: Advertising Title

Headlines are paramount to advertisement success. They quickly grab your attention and increase market competition. Short and snappy ad titles are benefit-driven.

These catchy ads help drive market sales. Ad spy tools let you extract this information so you can better understand the competitor’s marketing strategy and analyze them from multiple latitudes.

Step 5: Advertising Pictures And Video

Videos and images are crucial to attracting users. Most of them pay attention to eye-catching pictures and clips rather than clicking the ads.

Facebook posts with images see 2.3 times more engagement than those without pictures. Pay attention to the kind of visuals your competition is using. What and how do they style their ads? Know it all.

Step 6: Advertising Copy

The next crucial element is the ad copy or the text that describes your product. Focus on the length of the copy, the language, style of writing (formal or informal), and the use of emojis and hashtags. These variations take you a long way to create attractive and benefit-driving ads. Highlight the benefits of your product or service than the specifications in your ad to target more audience.

Step 7: CTA Types

Every ad, blog, or article uses different CTAs to catch the attention of their readers. CTAs or call to actions should be short and crisp. Use action words, avoid negative or passive words, ask potential product-related questions, and create tension or need to ensnare the user to buy your product.

Test the display position of your CTA in the ad. Scrolling through millions of ads and the CTAs your competitors are using will give you plenty of insights towards developing your ad strategy.

Step 8: Offers And Deals

Identifying the offers and deals your competitors offer can be a good headstart to create your product promotions. Draw similarities between ads and how much engagement they are fetching.

Find out if there are discounts, free shipping, or special combo deals on the product. Try to analyze how brands incorporate their ad campaign to larger promotions. Give credibility and justified incentives to the users. High discounts can boost sales effectively.

Step 9: Inferred Audience Targeting

How to spy on competitor’s Facebook ads using the audience they target? Garner insights about audience targeting as you browse through a pool of ads daily.

It’s crucial you target common people who need the product than models who flaunt an almost-perfect lifestyle on the camera.

Warning: Stay Customer-Focused

Warning: Stay Customer-Focused

Before we sum up, heed this warning:

Strengthen your focus on your ad campaigns and don’t get too hooked up in spying your competitions.

Take insights from competitor strategies but follow your own instincts to create something unique and eye-catching. Copying others won’t help you succeed as a leading brand.

So focus on your customers and align the data from the spy tools to boost your marketing strategies. Become a customer-centric brand or service provider and there is no looking back.


Ad spy tools are powerful to extract information about the ads your competitors are running on social media platforms. They help you improve your ad strategy. Look for similarities as you evaluate competitor’s ads. Pay keen attention towards headlines, ad copy, headlines, deals, location, and target audience.

Learn from others but outwit them with your creative ideas. Serve customers to the best of your ability to get the maximum benefits. How to spy on competitor’s Facebook ads? We recommend using the spying tools to your benefit. Try any free version to get a hang of how to use them and then you may move on to premium versions of the ad spy tools. They definitely help you draft creative ads.

Are you using any of the Facebook ad spy tools? Add other tools if we have missed any in the comments and feel free to leave your feedback.

Share for the benefit of new affiliates and startups.

Happy Spying!! Happy Ad Researching!! Happy Marketing!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I spy on my competitors on Facebook ads?

You can use various ad spy tools that will help you to spy the ads that your competitors are running on Facebook. These tools have paid and free versions to suit individual needs. Get strategic insights that your competitor uses to lure customers, target their customers, use catchy headlines, and more to grab customer attention.

2. How do I Spy on Instagram ads?

Follow these simple steps to spy on Instagram ads:

  • Use spy tools to research competitor’s ads
  • Follow your Instagram competition
  • Search your competitor’s branded hashtags
  • Check for the keywords your competitors use

3. How do I advertise on Facebook without paying?

Here are some tactics which will help you create free ads on FB:

  • Partner with big brands to give grand prizes
  • Generate content using community posts
  • Transform old campaigns into new ones
  • Hire brand ambassadors
  • Exploit online marketing tools
  • Promote customer referrals

4. How do I target my competitor’s audience on Facebook?

Know about the interests of your audience and adjust all the filters you on the Ads Manager straight away. Focus your attention on the “Interests” section. This allows you to establish the interests of your targeted audience.

5. How can I see my ad history on Facebook?

Go to your Facebook bookmark sidebar on the mobile app or desktop website. Click on Recent Ad Activity. This tab will show you various ads you viewed, clicked, liked, shared, or commented in the past three months.

6. How can I see the ads I viewed on Facebook?

You can go to Recent Ad activity and check the ads that you clicked on. However, if you haven’t clicked on the ad you will not be able to trace it here. If you remember a text from the ad you can search in Ad galleries. Alternatively, if you remember the page or business you may reach out to their homepage to view all running ads. 

7. How do I use AdSpy?

AdSpy lets you search among millions of ads from over 100+ countries. It gives you varied search criteria, from basic to complex. You can create an account with Adspy with a monthly fee and get started. They even offer free trials for you to access your competitor’s ads.

8. What is AdSpy?

AdSpy is the leading searchable archive of Facebook and Instagram ads across the globe. Uncover competitor’s ads using unparalleled data and innovative search program using AdSpy.

9. How much does AdSpy cost?

Enjoy all the features of AdSpy, the powerful spy tool for $149 a month. Once you sign up and create your account in AdSpy, you’ll receive free credits that you may use as a trial run.

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