17 Common Facebook Lead Generation Mistakes You Should Avoid

Facebook Lead Generation Mistakes

There are many definitions but in simpler terms, a lead is an individual who has shown an interest in your company’s goods or services by providing you with their information in some way. According to terms of Facebook, simply liking a status update, photo, or video on your page doesn’t make someone a leader. That kind of action doesn’t show interest in your company or product as the person might just like an element in the post video or photo and not the actual good and service. 

By now you must have put in terms with the importance of lead generation. But not all campaigns you run for you or your clients are successful. Why does that happen? Which Facebook lead generation mistakes you make? 

We will be discussing the 17 Facebook Lead Generation Mistakes many of us do without knowing or unknowingly. 

To understand these mistakes, let’s brush up our knowledge about Facebook lead generation.

How do you get lead generation on Facebook?

There are 2 ways you can generate your leads on Facebook which are,  direct leads and indirect leads.

Direct Leads

Direct leads are created by sharing content that links straight back to a form on your website where visitants can share data in a swap for an offer which can be a coupon, ebook, infographic, or any other piece of information. This form is housed on a landing page and strictly assigned to that particular offer.

Indirect Leads

These leads are created by using Facebook on the path to change. For instance, if you shared a blog post that consists a call-to-action to a landing page at the foot of the post, your initial Facebook share is encouraging direct visitors to the landing page.

While directly promoting landing pages is an instant leads generator, giving content without a form makes your Facebook appearance a more welcoming home for content that your followers will want to visit back for again.

How do you find lead?

  • One of the most trustworthy ways to generate leads on Facebook is only to direct people right to landing pages for lead-generating proposals. 
  • Just choose the blog posts that create the most leads, and post them on Facebook.

Pro tip: You will be capable to create more leads from Facebook by posting blog posts carrying anchor text CTAs in the introduction part.

  • Consider adding a link to your website in the descriptions for your images — particularly your profile picture and cover photo descriptions.
  • You’ll want to start posting videos to help launch and promote those lead-generating content, whether they’re offers, events, programs, courses or something other.
  • Get the discussion going about your lead generation offers by organising a live video to encourage them.
  • Pinning a post to the top of your Page’s Timeline enables you to highlight what would contrarily be a typical post. It’ll linger at the top of your Timeline for up to seven days, later which it’ll revert to the date it was published on your Page’s Timeline. (we have described this remarkable method further in the article.)
  • Attaching a call-to-action button on your Facebook Page.
  • Request for input on your products. If there are any negative inputs make sure to reply to them promptly and don’t ignore them.
  • Run a giveaway or contest to involve with your leads.
  • Create a Facebook event page for your next webinar.
  • Expand your reach to new audiences that are possible to be interested in your content — and likely become followers, leads, and even consumers down the road. 
  • Run lead ads to simplify the signup process through.

1. Not making the most of available technologies for tracking the Leads generated from Facebook 

Building up your Facebook lead generation Ad is one thing, but maintaining the data you accumulated from it, is different. Manually operating 10 leads generated is doable but not 100! let the Leads Tool do that for you. Obtaining your Lead Generation data from Facebook, downloading it and then uploading it to your CRM system and at the end analyzing it is a time-consuming task. That could contrarily be employed in improving your consumer experience. Physically entering data of many leads into yet another Facebook lead generation mistake because it just grows your manual work and risks of error, and not to forget about boredom too.

To rectify your mistake, use Lead Management Tools like Hubspot, Leadzpipe, Zoho CRM.

2. Not Studying User Experience Across Multiple Devices That Refrain You From Reaching All Of Your Target Audience

By now we all know that not all Facebook features are accessible over all devices. You might want to bypass this mistake and study the compatibility of your Facebook Lead Generation Ads over multiple devices. As its adaptability might tamper with the efficiency of your lead generation Ads’ performance. Users won’t be able to engage well or won’t even see your Facebook Lead Ad because it’s not available on the device they’re using. 

Before you design your Facebook lead generation ad, think about your target audience behaviour and where do they spend most of their time.

3. Neglecting to study and analyze all the Insights, thereby not making your Ad impact worthy

Not examining all Insights covering your Lead Generation achievement on Facebook Lead Ads can be pretty challenging. As it is not provided with all the Analytics and Tools needed to study the data of the collected Leads. The tools assist in examining and optimizing your Facebook Lead Ad campaign saving you a tremendous amount of time and physical labour. 

To resolve this popular Facebook Lead Generation mistake, you’ll need to link your Facebook Lead Ads with Softwares that provide with analysis making it more straightforward for you to generate better Leads.

These software’s provide additional data and insights about: 

  • Age, Gender, Device-specific data
  • Campaign wise lead status
  • Real-time notification on new lead on your Email
  • Filters out the Leads Generated by its source
  • Understand which source has given more qualified leads
  • Instant Welcome Email triggers
  • And much other Lead Generation analysis such as CTR, CPM, Budget Spend; all on a single dashboard.

4. Using Facebook Lead Ads to Directly Sell rather than building a rapport to sell

Many of us frequently have confused the audience of Google Ads and Facebook Ads for their purchase intents. For example, if you promote ‘Diwali gifts’ using Google Ads, people seeking for that term might have a great buying intent and you may get tremendous responses. Whereas, the similar Facebook Lead Generation strategy may not work. This is simply because people use social media to entertain themselves hence, to avoid responsibilities or to avoid making any decisions at all.

Your goal should be to relate with your consumers and direct them to your website and inform them about your brand and its products. Once you have accomplished this, you can start aiming for product promotion and Lead Generation on Facebook.

5. Wrong Objective Will Kill Your Ad From Starting

The objective determines the lead generation tactics of the advertiser. Whether you want the customers to download a specific app, choose products from a catalogue, or just get contact information of customers, the want must be put to effect in letter and spirit. 

While designing a Facebook lead generation ad, you have a to option choose from 11 objectives. These objectives define what the advertiser desires to obtain from the campaign and how to generate leads from Facebook using the campaign. 

6. Wrong Ad Delivery Optimization

As an advertiser, you need to be aiming the most potential clients! To do that you need to pick the correct ad delivery optimization.  

In reality, the ad delivery optimization must be in line with the intention. For example; If you wish potential customers to install your app, the delivery optimization must unite this objective. 

7. Wrong Bidding Strategy

The bidding strategy symbolises to Facebook as to for what action you are willing to pay. If you are willing to pay for every click on the ad, your bidding strategy must include that. A wrong bidding strategy can cost you a lot.

8. Negligence in Refreshing Creative Ads

It is normal for users to grow tired of the identical ad every time they visit. The campaign is possible to perform more beneficial if you refresh the Facebook lead generation ad at regular periods.

Otherwise, the audience may start neglecting the ad. This is related to as ‘ad fatigue’, and it may decrease your ROI (return on investment) progressively and you can see it in records of Facebook Advertising Statistics. So you need to update copy, edit the image and rotate formats frequently.

9. Reckless Spending

Facebook lead generation sculptures on a trial and error principle. You may not obtain leads on Facebook right after placing up an ad. 

It is a human tendency that if something doesn’t work, we may feel prone to try something new. This increases cost. If your ads are not functioning well, you need to stop running them and approach the issues troubling it. 

Once you get accustomed to the ways of setting up ads on Facebook, you can start generating results. This is the time when you can gradually boost spending.

10. Poor Targeting

The natural urge of each advertiser is to hit the target in bulls’ eye!

This is nothing, correct but audience targeting. First and foremost, you need to realise who your audience is and specifically target the appropriate set of audience. If the targeted set of the audience is too large, you are very possible to end up spending for ads to users who are not at all interested in your products.

11. Only Static Ads

Grabbing the attention of visitants, even for a few seconds, is the final goal of all advertisers. It is unnecessary to say that videos attract more eyes than images. Videos or gif ads tell a story, and this is what attracts people. If you have a number of static ads, you are not supporting a smart lead generation strategy. The public is more prone to click on a video than a static ad.

12. No A/B Testing

The method of testing various versions of an ad to measure the best performing one is called as A/B testing. This is an essential requirement for choosing an appropriate format of an ad.

It may examine various features of an ad such as call-to-action, image, targeting etc. 

13. Non-Functioning Landing Page

All advertisers desire that visitors kill some time on the landing page. If the landing page is hindered or if the visitor cannot operate well, he is not likely to waste time in it. 

So you require to make certain that the ad is driving the users to a landing page that is fully functional and easily operatable. If not, Facebook itself might disallow it.

14. Landing Page Not Matching the Ad

Facebook does not allow Clickbait, and if your landing page is not equaling the content of your ad, it will be viewed to be a Clickbait. 

Clickbait is a kind of misleading content where ads and landing page content don’t marry.

15. Inappropriate Content

Facebook prevents advertisers from placing up content with sexual, biased, impious and other anti-social hints. You need to drive clear of such connections in the ad.

The ad also must not include nudity or depict people in symbolic or explicit scenes which are laced with a sexual meaning. It also must not contain any disrespectful, offensive or violent content. 

16. Content Encouraging Unethical Behavior

Facebook prohibits advertisers from advertising unethical behaviour. This involves illegal drugs, unlawful streaming programs or devices. 

The advertisement must not encourage or help illegal co-operation, goods, or actions. Ads which are targeted to minors must not be advertising services, goods or content which are illegal, unsuitable, or hazardous or which deceive or exploit children

17. Third-Party Infringement

The very last thing that any advertiser needs are getting caught by Facebook for trademark (brand, logo, label, tag etc), copyright, publicity, privacy or other proprietary or personal rights breaches. If you feel that the content of your ad may violate the rights of others, you can visit the Intellectual Property Help Centre of Facebook for more data.

How do I download expired leads on Facebook?

Leads will be ready for download for up to 90 days from the time they are submitted by a user. Facebook believes that the 90-day window is abundant enough to meet most use cases, and sustaining them any longer would not be useful since the customer engagement would have reduced off. You’ll only be capable to download leads from the last 90 days, even if you wish to download lifetime leads.

How do I edit an existing lead form on Facebook?

It’s not possible to edit a current lead ads Instant Form, but you can use the subsequent steps to edit a form in the draft or to create a copy of an existing lead and edit the copied variant. Here’s how:

To edit an Instant Form

  • Go to ad creation.
  • Select Lead Generation as your ad objective and click on ‘Continue’.
  • Select the Page that includes the Instant Form you want to edit.
  • On the left-hand navigation, at the ad level, click on Instant Form. 
  • Select the form that you’d prefer to edit. 
  • Remember, in line to edit an existing form, it will require to be saved as a draft. 
  • If the form is not saved as a draft, you will not get an option to edit it.
  • Click Edit.
  • Do your edits and click either Save or Finish at the top right of the form.
  • Copy an Instant Form to edit it

To edit a copy of lead ad forms from Ads Manager

  • Visit your Ads Manager and select create a new ad.
  • Choose Lead generation and set up the campaign and ad set. 
  • See the full commands for creating a new Lead ad campaign.
  • At the ad level, add text and pictures to your ad. 
  • Provide more context than usual because you’ll be inviting people to take a specific action. 
  • Add a CTA (Call-to-Action) button and pick a Facebook pixel if you’re using one.
  • In the part of the Instant forms, click on the Instant Form that you need to copy and then click Duplicate.
  • Give the form a new name. Click into each page in the form, performing any necessary edits.
  • When you’ve done all changes, navigate through your form preview to review your work.
  • Click on ‘Finish’ at the top right of the form.

How can I get leads on Facebook for free?

By posting winning content on Facebook, you’ll increase your organic following and start encouraging more visits to your Facebook business page than before. Now, here’s your chance to funnel this page traffic into free leads for your business.

Your Facebook business page should be managed like your website’s homepage…and you wouldn’t leave your homepage without a compelling CTA (call to action).

However, the current data tabs and fresh posts on your business page extend a long path to conversion…until you begin leveraging the real wealth of your pinned post!

Eight Steps to Designing Your Pinned Lead Ad on Facebook

  1. Go to your forms library.
  2. Build the lead form.
  3. Examine your settings.
  4. Build a campaign.
  5. Set-up your campaign.
  6. Publish!
  7. Pin the post.
  8. Pause the ad campaign.

The Final Result: 

In these 8 easy steps, you can leverage the conversion-driving power of Facebook’s lead forms and the compelling clarity of your pinned position to create free leads for your business.

What’s not to like?

We will give you with three final notes for making the most of this underused tactic:

  • Make certain your form settings have “open” selected
  • Pause your campaign after you finish the first 7 steps 
  • Regularly renew the creative and offer

Where is ad manager in Facebook?

  • To go to your Facebook Ads Manager, you can click on the drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page and choose “Manage Ads” from the drop-down.
  • You will be taken to your Facebook Ad Accounts page where there will be a prompt overview of your ad account(s).
  • Alternatively, you can head to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager. You will be brought immediately into the Facebook Ads Manager of your personal ad account. 
  • If you operate more than one ad account and want to shift to another ad account, you can use the account drop-down menu to make the switch.

How do I stop all the ads on Facebook?

You can turn your campaigns, ad sets or ads ON or OFF at any time to control their performance. You can also check the performance of the campaign, ad set or ad by looking at the toggle next to it:

To change your ad ON or OFF in Ads Manager:

  1. Go to Ads Manager.
  2. Click Campaigns, Ad sets or Ads.
  3. Select the toggle next to each campaign, ad set or ad that you want to turn on or off.
  4. Note: When the status is blue , the ad is ON, and when the status is grey , the ad is OFF.

What are the valid reasons that an ad would be rejected by Facebook?

10 most common reasons why your ad could not be approved by Facebook

1. Too Much Text in Image

2. Using Facebook Brand in Ads

3. Using Fake Call to Action Buttons

4. Age Restricted Topics

5. Incorrect Destination URL

6. Too Much Capitalisation

7. Irrelevant Content in FB Ads

8. Shocking Content, Nudity, Bad Language

9. Discrimination

10. Forbidden Content

Does Facebook Power Editor still exist?

Power Editor was the most reliable way for businesses and large dealer groups to build an ad or audience and instantly share it across accounts and campaigns. But currently, the power editor does not exist. Although, many of the features of power editor (and the “power”) are combined into an updated ‘Ads Manager’.

Does Facebook lead generation work?

As marketers, it’s our mission to meet our prospects where they’re using their time, not the other way around. Facebook has 2.32+ billion everyday active users, which suggests numerous of our potential consumers are using the platform.

Users give on average 60 minutes per day on Facebook and are killing just as much time on Instagram.

With so many people practising these social platforms every day, Facebook is an ideal space to market your business through paid promotions/advertisements.

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