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Greek Mapple is one of the proficient lead generation companies in Pune. You’ve heard of lead generation before, but the scenario is quite different in this digital world. The world is clocking into what marketing and sales on an online platform is all about. Generating leads (customers) that become prospects is crucial to boost your business growth.

So, what do we have to offer you? Sales? Growth?

lead generation in Pune

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So, what do we have to offer you? Sales? Growth?

Yes, as a lead generation company we strive to boost company sales and work towards increasing ROI (Return of Investment). We craft and utilize the most effective strategies for your business to gain the attention of potential customers. This will generate leads for you with excellent conversion rates and bring in more business. We are more focused on generating leads for B2B and B2C models. Every qualified lead will want to hear from you. We have a closed-circuit system with proven sales experience where lead generation is monitored and optimization can be done to get the desired results.

Quality leads are what we work on. Good convertible leads results in increased efficiency of marketing and sales.

Our sales team is one of the most important assets of our company. But, then why lead generation is important to your business? Why not use traditional marketing methods to get more leads? Using print media, holding meetings, or appointing a manager can be a costlier affair and the conversion rates using these techniques are often low. Digital lead generation methods help you reach a wider target audience and are an effective method to save both time and money.

Why you should opt for our Lead Generation Services?

  • Improve Business Visibility and Online Branding
  • Increase Your Conversion Rate
  • Expand Target Market for Your Business
  • More ROI

How Does Increasing Leads Help You?

Before we speak about the benefits of lead generation, we should understand what a lead is (if you didn’t already).
A ‘lead’ in its simplest form, is a prospective customer interested in your products and services. A lead is someone who hasn’t bought anything from you in the past and is new to your brands marketing funnel. Once you have a potential lead, you must contact them and talk them into buying your stuff.

Benefits of Lead Generation

The process of talking to the leads and converting them to paying clients or lead generation has the following benefits for your business. Take a look.

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Reach target audience
  • Increase sales and profit ratio
  • Collection of important prospect information
  • Cost-effective than other advertisement platforms
  • Builds consistency in meeting revenue goals
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What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the planned process to reach out to the sales-qualified leads and encourage them to buy your products and services they have showed interest in. The lead generation tactics are watchful approaches that keep a timeline and lead sensitivity (their ability to be scared off easily) as their key focus. This process is designed to filter out potential customers through the sales funnel successfully. Lead generation companies in Pune generally use various digital channels and social platforms to drive quality leads for the organization.

95% of adults aged 18-34 years with access to the internet are most likely to follow a brand via social networking.

Some popular lead generation strategies which would result in sales in your company include:

  • Job applications
  • Coupons
  • Online website content
  • Blog posts
  • Live events
  • Email marketing
  • Webinars
  • PPC and display ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Retargeting ads

We are a lead generation company in Pune who creates an optimized target audience and provided qualified and quality leads. Your sales team must ensure that all the leads are nurtured without wasting money leads that don’t turn into sales. Digital marketing is a dynamic field where every channel gets updated and new regulations are released. A lead generation company needs to comply with all norms of digital channels.

Simply Put: Lead generation is a way to attract potential customers to your business and getting them on a path to eventually converting into paying clients.

Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

What are your business objectives? To find potential customers that help boost your sales and generate revenue. When a consumer shows organic interest in your business, you need to transition them into potential buyers. Revenue will help you expand your business and achieve consistency; this is why you need lead generation.

Greek Mapple is one of the best lead generation companies in Pune that will help you at this stage of inbound marketing methodology. After you have attracted potential customers you must be ready to convert them. The sales team aided with lead generation works as an asset here. Their expertise will convert the sales-qualified leads to get more business.

Generating leads is the primary focus of businesses taking an individual’s journey to become a happy customer.

90% of B2B sales take more than one month to close, while 10% take more than one year.

What Can A Lead Generation Agency Do For Your Company?

A Lead Generation Agency in Pune helps not only to generate potential leads for your business but also boosts your company as a whole. Let’s check how!

  • Implementation: Once you have the leads you don’t have to worry about the implementation of sales tactics. Our lead generation experts will do the end-to-end task to implement, monitor, and optimize successful campaigns that work to their fullest potential.
  • Revenue generation: With an enthusiastic team of digital experts we can help you increase your brand’s revenue. We know what works for each industry and what methods will suit yours the best.
  • Monitor your results: Lead generation is dynamic, and thus you need to monitor your campaigns regularly. We ensure there are no loopholes in delivering the best result for your company.
  • Suggest digital marketing strategies: We suggest tons of digital marketing strategies that will drive your market visibility and help to generate quality leads for your brand.

How does B2B Lead Generation Company Work?

Most lead generation agencies focus on business to consumer or B2C lead generation. However, B2B or business to business lead generation is a hot trend at the moment. With so many upcoming businesses, B2B companies can sell directly to decision-makers. But you will need to promote your services effectively and demonstrate how your brand can add value to them.

A B2B lead generation company collates business and customer information to sell to a business wishing to purchase new potential leads. We use different strategies to organize your data according to the relevant target audience.

A lead generation agency in Pune will generally offer a host of services including –

  • In house marketing teams
  • Database marketing
  • Professional information and databases of businesses

71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others.

They build engaging and user-friendly websites to attract visitors and obtain information via an inquiry form. B2B companies personalize campaigns for your brand and reach the target audience that you wouldn’t have on your own. Our inbound programs will help you generate more leads than ever. Their business databases will quickly identify sales-qualified leads. Their information sources include trade references, public records, print media, digital and trade publications.

Why It Is Necessary For Your Business?

As we have seen the benefits of lead generation, it is definitely beneficial for your businesses. Without leads, your business will struggle to contact customers and expand sales. You are also unsure of the target audience you’re looking to attract and increase revenue.

Your sales team is an asset to the company. However, they are running out of ideas as they believe they have hit their potential and the maximum limit to sell products to businesses. But if your sales team is aided with lead generation then they can work wonders to develop brand awareness and boost your revenue. Buyers’ mapping and understanding of the market scenario is a crucial part. Finding customers with cold calling and mass advertising has reduced their effectiveness.

As a lead generation company, we mainly focus on building strong customer relationships and increase quality presence on different digital channels for potential buyers. We create a user-friendly and unique website to make your brand stand out from the competition and tap the right audience.

How Do We Make It Work?

Simply said, Lead Generation is a strategic approach that must be designed as per the business requirements. A lead generation company gets its leads by content syndication. They will take away your stress to take your campaigns to the target audience. Their content specialists will push the content to other marketing channels and increase your brand awareness. This in turn will generate organic traffic for your website.

As a lead generation company in Pune, Greek Mapple uses a multitude of channels to market your products and services. We study the business leads and then design the target audience for your brand. From Social Media to Product promotion, you can leave everything on us. We create high-quality content on various digital platforms. Our goal is to set up appointments for potential clients and filter them down the sales funnel to have conversations with your sales team.

Why Choose Us As A B2B Lead Generation Company In Pune?

We know that the best person to know your brand’s strengths and details is you. However, generating leads in this digital world can be overwhelming. You might have considered outsourcing this part to a third party, but do you know what to expect?

Trying to create content according to the need of the client and prioritizing that would generate quality B2B leads.

  • As a B2B lead generation company in Pune, we choose dynamic strategies that quickly understand your market needs and aim at the right audience.
  • With our experienced staff in various industry domains, we strive to give your business the boost it needs.
  • At Greek Mapple we are goal-driven and focus on increasing ROI. Our work revolves around controlled and optimized performance metrics.
  • We use the right tools that you’ll need to achieve maximum impact.
  • We offer our clients quality service and 24×7 online support. Our expert team is well updated with the latest trends in digital marketing so that your business doesn’t suffer.
  • We work in complete transparency with customers, which is necessary to build successful relationships.

What Makes Us Different?

At Greek Mapple We are highly motivated with what you as a brand really need and how we can help you achieve your business objectives. What type of sales framework will fuel your business growth, which engagement models will work best, which qualification criteria will yield the best outcome – all our efforts will help you develop your brand on the whole.
In the process of creating leads and understanding your business, we encourage you to think about current market trends, product solutions, your targets, and approach towards sales. This is a win-win situation for you and we can grow mutually.

These key features make us different from other lead generation agencies in Pune:

  • SEO-friendly website
  • On-time delivery
  • ROI focused
  • Responsive web layout
  • Dedicated resource
  • Online support

With an experience of 5 years, we are a promising and high performing lead generation company in Pune. Greek Mapple looks forward to making you our next partner to boost your sales. We don’t offer cookie-cutter campaigns to our clients. When you contact us, you get campaigns specifically crafted to match your business requirements. So if you’re looking for qualified leads you’re at the right place.

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We make sure that the client gets a good ROI from our service.
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