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Social medial marketing is one of the best and most famous techniques for branding purposes. It helps to reach masses by using various social platforms. In today’s world, about 90% of the population is present on some of the other social media platforms. Social media is our new version of society and the best place to increase brand awareness. It is very helpful in driving more traffic on your website and generating leads for your business.

Be a post going viral or people highly engaging in social media, there are numerous factors making this platform impactful. Thus, social media marketing is a major factor behind a changed scenario of business marketing and customer relationships.

Social media marketing is growing rapidly and remodeling traditional marketing techniques. Social media marketing involves posting content in the form of text, image, video, and gifs. It has become an essential and influential online marketing resource for companies and brands. Social media marketing helps with the advertising of your company and enhance the presentation of your company. There are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc which have the highest traffic and potential customers for your business. You need to smartly choose the best social media platforms that will suit your audience.

What is Social Media Management?

Social media marketing plays an important in branding and business development. It involves actively using various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, MySpace, YouTube, StumbleUpon, Digg, Whatsapp, Reddit, etc. and communicate with your potential customers.

Handling social media is not so easy as merely posting a picture. It requires a set of skills and expertise to make your brand or company to be seen by the audience. And that’s where we step in! There are various social media platforms and each platform has its unique characteristic, each needs a different marketing strategy to gain more audience and thus become popular among your competitors.

Social media management is a continuous process of managing your online presence which includes ideation, creating, planning, publishing, and analyzing the results. In addition, these social network marketing strategies must involve creating content that will be engaging and resonate with the thoughts of the audience.

Greek Mapple is a proficient expert at social media marketing, promotions, and management. We serve to achieve your goals for social media, like building your following or social media revenue.

“Social media platforms are the new society of the digital era!”

If you are searching social media marketing company in Pune, then you are at a perfect place – Greek Mapple. Greek Mapple surpasses as one of the up-to-date social media marketing company in Pune, India. It offers tailor-made strategies and plan of action which can do wonders for your brand.

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Know About Principles of Social Media Marketing

There are some important principles which when followed can provide amazing results. It gives an organic boost to the brand or business.

Planning of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Planning and developing strategies is very important as it helps to reach desire goals. It also helps to see if you are targeting towards right goals.

Frequently asked questions

The major reason for the growing popularity of social media platforms is, it is free to start. But there are many more reasons why this social media marketing is new and the best way of branding. Each post of your business can be made visible to millions of people online worldwide. People who see your post can share your post and thus, your brand is digitally promoted. You get instant feedback on every post which helps you to be in direct contact with your customers. Reviews, shares, comments, and likes are excellent mechanisms to promote your product

There are some more real-time advantages of using social media marketing:

  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Increased Visibility
  3. Engage a larger population
  4. Direct Access to Customers
  5. Less expenditure on advertising
  6. Increases CRM
  7. Real-time and honest feedback
  8. Tracking competitors
  9. Progress in Search Engine ranking
  10. Increase popularity

Social Media Marketing is one of the most important techniques to reach the desired audience and see rapid growth in business. Social media directly targets customers mind and influence them to move towards the brand and become potential customers.

Many feel continuous postings aids to increase in your brand or company presence; which sadly is not true! The content posted should be relevant, engaging, informative, inspiring, and most importantly entertaining. Our expert and creative digital marketing team of social media marketers are well versed with the current online trends and work accordingly. We study our client’s target audience and customize each post accordingly. We are a social media marketing agency in Pune who assure the following for your posts on social media platforms:

  • Your every post is target audience oriented
  • Every post is attractive and original
  • Unique content for each post
  • Each post is made by combining various elements such as text, image, video, infographics, etc. Making each post unique.
  • Your social media page has something new every day
  • We handle the technical part of the page.
  • We understand the use of the right social media platforms at the right time.

We at Greek Mapple offers customized plans and packages for every client as per their business need. We hold a team that has fresh minds and experienced brains which helps in understanding customer and client-side of every business.

We cater to other digital marketing services which give us an upper hand in understanding how digital platforms work.

Modus Operandi For Social Media Marketing

  • Content Planning
  • Creative designing
  • Competitor research
  • Performance study
  • Consistency
  • Testing Plan A/B
  • Audience interaction
  • Posting time analysis
  • Insights study

Please book a free consultation with us and we will guide you about social media and marketing. This clarity call can help you understand what social media marketing can do for your business or brand.We will be more than glad to share to use our expertise and bring growth and business to you.

It is true that you can alone handle your social media. But with the support of social media managers, your brand can do wonders at the same given time. We as your social media manager are in-charge of representing you across all social networks as the sole voice of the brand. Our creative team responds to comments, organize campaigns, and generate content for all social media platforms. We are a social media marketing company in Pune that provides organizations with the guidance required to heighten their online presence.

The fast-paced nature of the social world means these social media marketing strategies are usually short-term. A social media manager’s prime task is to implement a creative marketing plan along with the following tasks:

  • Customise content for each social media platform
  • Support the development of brand identity
  • Participate in visual design strategies
  • Support promotional strategies
  • Compile your engagement strategy
  • Establish a conversion strategy

We are already living in a digital era; everyone you know is on social media. In recent times, the AI of social media is so well developed that you can easily reach larger masses.

People are also keener to get all services and products digitally which helps them to save time. We all are looking forward to a life which will be more convenient and easier. Social media is one of the major tools for such visionary life.


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