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Web Designing Company in Pune

What is a website? Why is it so important for your business?

A website is a digital address for your online store or business. In this digital era, the only way to succeed is to use the latest technology and reach a larger audience. A website is a platform that can be created as per business needs. It is an effective tool to boost your online visibility and increase revenue. There is a range of digital products available to take care of every business.

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A well-designed and structured website is the essence of a modern internet marketing strategy.

Greek Mapple is one of the fast-growing web design and web development company in Pune. We provide online web design services to startups, small businesses, and blue-chip clients. We have a dedicated team of web designers, programmers, lead generation experts, and content writers that build engaging websites to boost any corporate identity. We understand each client and their business goals, interpret and incorporate them into the website designing process.

What Is Web Design?

The overall appearance and accessibility of a website are referred to as website design. It is the process of building and structuring all the elements of your website and aligning them to a specific layout. The images, fonts, colors, and graphics can be updated as per business requirements.

Various components of web design include –

  • Graphic Design
  • Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (Seo)
  • Content Creation

Unlike web design, web development is the actual coding that makes a website work. Thus Web designing and web development go hand in hand.

Web designers collate your ideas and information and turn them into a dummy website. Creative designers have a knack for picking aesthetic colors and graphics for your website.

Web developers or coders translate the mockup web design into a coding language so it can be displayed on the internet. They make web pages functional.

A UX developer or user experience developer makes the website user-friendly. Their technical and creative skills create web designs that attract and convert visitors.

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What Features Are Included In Website Design?

Creating a website is not enough to make it rank on Google search results. A web design should stand out and have an excellent user experience. Building an online presence is essential and so is to provide the best user experience to your visitors.

Here are a few technical features that should be taken into consideration while creating a digital presence through a website.

1. Mobile-Friendly Website

People surf the net using various devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more. End-users can use or open your website on any of these devices and various web browsers. The key to excelling in the user browsing experience is to focus on website designing.

65% of people browse using smartphones, there are many smartphones with different resolutions and screen sizes. To cater to all users, your website should be mobile responsive to all devices. A responsive website helps in the retention of the audience.

2. Quick Loading Time

Research suggests that an average internet user stays on your website for around 3 seconds. Thus, your website should load quickly. Typically a good web design should load in less than 6 seconds. If your website speed is more than that the user loses interest and surfs other relevant sites.

Website speed is the first impression you make on your visitor. Slow loading has a huge impact on users and it also hampers your website ranking on Google searches. You can achieve great conversion rates if your website speed is optimized to load within 6 seconds.

The loading speed depends on the structure of your website, hosting provider, and data size. These parameters can be optimized and a fast loading site can be achieved.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO when done right can transform your business. You can see an increase in the number of organic searches and leads. SEO thus helps to boost business growth and decreases the cost of customer acquisition

SEO is a process it can’t be achieved in a day but a healthy website is one that has content that is SEO friendly. SEO can majorly be divided into three segments.

  • On-page optimization (e.g. keywords and content quality)
  • On-site optimization (e.g. site speed, XML sitemaps and metadata)
  • Off-site optimization (high-quality backlinks, domain authority, and page rank)

Over optimizing is to be avoided so that your website doesn’t look like spam. Content on your website should add value to its user. Users always appreciate knowledge.

As a Web Design Company, we will set up the SEO plug-in and configure the settings for your website. We also do basic SEO for your website.

4. Google Analytics-Enabled

In any business, measuring tools play an important role. Google Analytics is a free tool that helps you check your website insights. It helps you understand your audience and their behavior. It also helps you set goals and digital marketing strategies for your business.

Google Analytics helps you to –

  • Measure sales and conversions
  • Create customized reports
  • Find your visitors’ demographics
  • Measure your websites bounce rate
  • Understand users interest, gender, device, location
  • Decide and achieve your business goals
  • Write a copy of your content
  • Understand the social media platform to be targeted

Our expert team will integrate the Google Analytics Code into your web design. We also provide basic training on how to use this tool effectively.

5. Conversion Focused Design

A website is not just a digital address for your business but it also plays an important role in a lead generation which will flourish your business. Good website design can attract new customers and also help to retain existing ones.

Creative web design with good landing pages, sales funnel and attractive lead magnets can increase your organic traffic. There is a good chance of conversion if you create user-friendly websites.

6. Social Media Links

Social media is very important for any business. It helps in creating a brand presence. It is mandatory to have social media links and sharing options on the website. It helps users to share desire content on various channels.

7. Setting Up Email Marketing

Email marketing or newsletter subscriptions play a very important role in organic conversions. The website should have provisions and call to actions for getting subscriptions.
Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with clients and subscribers. It can be very effective in the form of direct mail, share offers, broadcasting, and advertising.

There are various third-party plug-ins and software which helps in delivering materials to subscribers.

8. Robust Security

Security is a high priority worldwide. Cyber attacks on websites are common. Choose the website hosting services or a digital agency which will provide overall protection from hackers. Few essential security tools you need are:

  • Strong firewalls
  • Intrusion and Malware protection
  • SSL certificates
  • Spam filtering
  • Remote backups

Here are a few things you should take care of website security:

  • Clean and error-free website code
  • All themes and plug-ins installed must be up-to-date
  • Secure website with strong passwords for all users
  • Hide your website back-end
  • Enforce strong security policies on your website

Data security is very important for any organization. Take an extra effort to understand and implement it on your website.

9. Blog Design

Blogging is an essential factor in creating high-quality website content. It is an inbound marketing strategy used by website owners to –

  • Increase user engagement
  • Improve website SEO
  • Educate your clientele
  • Provide information about your products and services
  • Increase organic traffic to your web page

10. Call To Actions (CTA)

This is an important segment of your website. CTAs are the places on your website where you influence the visitors to take action through signups, email, call, purchase, booking appointments, inquiry form, and more. It helps your visitors connect with you instantly without having to leave the website.

Other key features of a website are –

  • Storage and management of all inquiries should be accessible and secured
  • Backup plan for your data on Google drive or your local server
  • Use of good quality and relevant images
  • Free updates and/or support for a year

Why Does Responsive Website Design Matter?

Responsive website design is a web development technique that maintains the structure, images, and content on a website that remains the same on any device. Responsive website design can handle users across all devices and browsers. Responsive websites combine flexible grids with breakpoints to create a custom look across all screens.

Here is why a responsive website design matters:

  • Better UX and click-through-rates
  • Increase in mobile usage
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Preferred by Google and other search engines
  • Boosts page loading speed
  • Reduces bounce rates

How Long Will It Take To Get A New Website?

A basic website might take around 5 weeks to reach completion. Each website is different from the others so the timeline may differ according to business requirements. There may be a delay if there is a delay in content sharing from your side.

Processes from mind mapping and design prototyping to going live are all carried out during this period. We also provide website maintenance and support services.

What Inputs You Need To Start Website Design?

As a web design agency, we will require all inputs from your end before we start work. We will send in a data collection file to you. You need to fill all the elements like sitemap, stock images, brand logo, and content for all pages. You need to fill it and send it back to us without any delay. This will help us deliver on time.

How Much Does A Website Cost To Me?

There are 5 main types of websites:

  • Personal websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Social media websites
  • Magazine websites

The cost of creating a website varies as per the type of website. Our website design services start from ₹8000 onwards for a basic website.

What Makes A Great Site Design?

A website should create a perfect user experience your visitor is looking for. Such web designs work and get more conversions.
Some of the effective elements of great website design are –

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • SEO friendly structure
  • Quick loading time
  • Monitor website traffic
  • Secure network design
  • High-quality content with relevant images

Other building blocks of a strong website are –

  • Buttons
  • Color palette
  • Fonts
  • Copywriting

Remaining true to your brand is the key to developing a successful website design. Even the most aesthetic website can be useless if it doesn’t stand up to your brand. Focus on user engagement and brand image to win at web design.

Will I Be Able To Update The Site Myself When It's Finished?

Yes. Your website will consist of content management systems (CMS) that will assist you in easily manage your content from the backend. We also provide website maintenance and support whenever required.

Is SEO Included With The Website Design?

We design websites keeping in mind all factors affecting SEO. We focus on creating content using keywords, correct headline tags, add alt tags to images, and give proper names to the images so it can rank on search engines.

We do have different packages for end-to-end SEO services, web development services, web hosting services, lead generation, and more.

Do You Provide Hosting And Domain?

Yes, we help you with domain registration and hosting for your website with industries best third party support. We help you pick the right domain name for your brand, depending on the nature and use of your products and services.

What Is Included In Free Support?

Yes, our web design services include free support for few services like minor changes to pages and web content, bug fixing, etc. However, the addition of new web features, changes in layout, or addition of new web pages may not be included in your package.

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